Friday, 6 November 2015

Leeds College of Art - Sharpeye + L5 

‘The Communication Package’

Fashion communication is the strategy in which a new or existing message or philosophy is delivered or visualised for a fashion, designer, brand or company. This variety of ideas and proposals ranging from; logos & moving image to journalism and event is often collated in a ‘Communication Package.’

A superb advocator of this is Sharpeye, whose blend of English eccentricity and cultured style continues to help form a blueprint for men's street fashion. When referring to his earlier work with Duffer, Barrie Sharpe says, “After us many companies followed suit - but at the time there was nothing similar”.

Taking primary inspiration from Barrie’s talk at LCA – How can you now maintain or even excel this established blueprint?

Throughout a minimum of 4 A3 Professional Communication Design Boards, you are asked to create a relevant ‘Communication Package’, consisting of ideas and proposals to promote a new Sharpeye product range whilst working within the fast pace of industry requirements. 

1. Research 
• Your understanding of Sharpeye brand & its market placement

2. Logo & Packaging 
• Create a logo for new Sharpeye product range
• Ideas for product packaging

3. Promotional Literature 
• Proposed magazine & poster advertisements
• Ideas for photo-shoot, location content / models
• Press Release / written promotion 

4. Digital
• Digital platforms & social media outlets
• Installation & moving image 

5. Merchandising 
• In-store product display / installation
• Promotional/media event idea for new product range launch

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