Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The World Is A Ghetto - 1974

"I left school in 1976 without any qualifications...
My father collated some of my Magic Marker drawings & took them along to St Martins Collage Of Art...
Securing me a place (he was trying to make up for previous failings)...
I don't know how, my drawing skills were very limited...
My writing skills almost non existent...
Due to lack of confidence & other focuses I did not attend the art collage...
Recently I have been thinking about how different my life may have been had I taken up such a great opportunity (way above my station)...
Not a thought process that I have ever had before...
It seems strange to me that I would eventually lecture at The Royal Collage Of Art (living above my station)..."

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Not being a confident public speaker and with almost zero preparation, I was slightly unnerved when setting my eyes upon the huge room filled with 130 students and 6 lecturers – All waiting to hear me speak…

When seeing the size my audience I exclaimed, "oh Shit" to Sam Hudson (Programme Leader, BA (Hons) Fashion at Leeds College of Art), who introduced me…                                                     

Fortunately, as I hoped, I was received with a barrage of questions, once I started addressing each question the information exchange flowed for 2hours or so…

I felt I was brutally honest about the industry and also regarding my part in the industry, without actually disillusioning my questioners: hopefully inspiring a few…

In the afternoon I set a task for year two fashion communication students. I introduced them to three products and tasked them to do a multi media promotional campaign, to be finished by January…

Friday, 6 November 2015

Leeds College of Art - Sharpeye + L5 

‘The Communication Package’

Fashion communication is the strategy in which a new or existing message or philosophy is delivered or visualised for a fashion, designer, brand or company. This variety of ideas and proposals ranging from; logos & moving image to journalism and event is often collated in a ‘Communication Package.’

A superb advocator of this is Sharpeye, whose blend of English eccentricity and cultured style continues to help form a blueprint for men's street fashion. When referring to his earlier work with Duffer, Barrie Sharpe says, “After us many companies followed suit - but at the time there was nothing similar”.

Taking primary inspiration from Barrie’s talk at LCA – How can you now maintain or even excel this established blueprint?

Throughout a minimum of 4 A3 Professional Communication Design Boards, you are asked to create a relevant ‘Communication Package’, consisting of ideas and proposals to promote a new Sharpeye product range whilst working within the fast pace of industry requirements. 

1. Research 
• Your understanding of Sharpeye brand & its market placement

2. Logo & Packaging 
• Create a logo for new Sharpeye product range
• Ideas for product packaging

3. Promotional Literature 
• Proposed magazine & poster advertisements
• Ideas for photo-shoot, location content / models
• Press Release / written promotion 

4. Digital
• Digital platforms & social media outlets
• Installation & moving image 

5. Merchandising 
• In-store product display / installation
• Promotional/media event idea for new product range launch

Million Masked Men

Apparently the police car, that was set a alight last night, being towed into position - looks like the same registration number; so who actually set this car on fire...?

Saturday, 24 October 2015

(A distant planet 3011)
"Look up, look up", he shouted, but no one looked up, no one except one little boy; "Look, look, they have blocked out the Sun". No one listened, no one looked up, no one but one.

& That, Alpha Centurous, my son, was the demise of mankind...

In life someone somewhere, one way or another, is always being fucked. Life is simply about penetration; no matter how hard you try someone is always trying to fuck you. Don't stand around waiting to be fucked.

Friday, 23 October 2015

This my 1952 Harley Davidson Panhead
It is a work in progress
However the work has been very slow
I need to get on with this project
Hopefully by the summer it will be on the road