Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Cat In The Hat Club Mayfair - Garage - 1989

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Diana Brown & Barrie K. Sharpe - Blind Faith

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Stafford Scott Tells It As It Is - Nicky Jacobs - PC Blakelock

The Old Bailey

Mark Braithwaite & Winston Silcott 2 of the men 3 men wrongfully convicted for the murder of PC Blakelock on Broadwater Farm 1985...

Today Nicky Jacobs was found Not Guilty of the same crime. Justice was seen to be done, but in reality this case should never have been brought to court, there was clearly no case to answer...
Judges final summation to the jury in the Nicky Jacobs - PC Blakelock murder case (Old Bailey)

I was pleasantly surprised at how calm, collected and fair the judge was in his summation; justice being a rare thing in a British court of law. 

He explained the evidence as it was, without favour to either side; fortunately the facts are on the side of the defence. He pointed out the discrepancies within the three paid prosecution witnesses' given evidence and how they did not corollate with the actual facts and locations of this case.

In a logical world the defendant should be found not guilty, but in a logical world this case would have never gone to trial...!
It is not up to the Prime Minister, it is a criminal offence and a decision for the police.

Maria Miller should be arrested, charged and tried in a British court of justice the same as I would if I stole or committed fraud.

A citizens arrest would indeed be appropriate...!