Saturday, 22 June 2019

Hate One Hate All

The extent of the now trending UK misogyny is once again becoming an epidemic. Weak men are scared of strong knowledgable women. I am proud to be a feminist...

All Hate Is Equal -

Saturday, 13 April 2019

For Sale - £8500

Harley Davidson XLCH Ironhead Sportster - 1966
Designed by Barrie Sharpe (Sharpeye)
Customized by Tosh (Bell)

Used regularly: this is a motorbike - not a showpiece.

I imported this bike 11 years ago. It stands me in a small fortune as I have customized & rebuilt 3 times. It is a joy to ride.

Unlike most XLCHs this bike starts with very few kicks, however, it has high compression - hence not for the faint-hearted. Like all old Harley’s it does leak some oil.
Historic vehicle - no road tax nor MOT required.
New valve guides, heads, kick-start.
Gearbox rebuilt.
Welded on hardtail.
Carl Foster nickel-plated gas tank – flush filler cap.
Rich Philips board-tracker leather seat - 1930s style.
Customised buckhorn bars.
Custom ribbed alloy primary cover.
Keihin carb – I was running S&S super E - however, the Keihin gives better performance.
Custom air intake cover.
16” rear wheel with Coker tire.
21” front wheel with Avon Speedmaster tire.
1970s hexagon alloy oil tank.
Original Sportster front end.
Stock Sportster brakes.
Vincent taillight.
Mini Bates style 4.5” headlight.
Knucklehead brake and clutch levers.
Internal throttle system.
Ford ribbed spare wheel cover rear fender.
Stock front fender.
Cut down nickel-plated pipes - although short, the pipes have substantial baffles to keep the noise down.
Shovelhead footpeg set-up.
New Generator.
Bicycle tape hand grips.
Custom ignition warning light.
Sharpeye Custom rear wheel covers.
Sharpeye custom kicker pedal.