Wednesday, 1 April 2015

These words took much longer for me to have translated than the rest of the text, and even longer for me to to understand the honesty and the pain taken to express: however this is my merely my interpretation... 

Originally translated by Giovanni Boccaccio circa 1335AD; later plagiarised by Shakespeare. I found the original translation to be bland, flat and dry, it lacked of  emotion…

An extract from The Great Book Of Kizzmazz Volume III 
“The Book Of Kandake”…
The Princess Kandake opens her soul -  Barukh Salaam listens in silence:

I met men 
Many men
They were trying to be you
They had your eyes
Your hands
A fraction of your humour
Men who pretended to be as courageous as you
Men who pretended to have your wit
Men who tried to convince me they could have the power 
The Power that you have over me
If I only I could just be smaller
Men who exclaimed my lack of pleasure was my issue
That I did not understand intimacy
I've met lots of your shadows
I've tried to love men 
They had little pieces of what I knew I needed
I filled in the rest with my imagination 
I tried to love them
I knew what I would love
They had little corners of it
I am so sad
I wish I had said no
I now realise that not enough is less than nothing
What I needed was you
I was looking for you

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