Monday, 27 April 2015

I have never mourned the death of my father (nor my mother) I don’t know how…
As father he was not a great role model and did little to prepare me for fatherhood; he did not know how…
As a man he taught me much:
He taught me survival
To know who I am
Not to trust a man’s word
To stand up for my beliefs
To be self sufficient
To help others in need
Reliable (a man of my word)
An individual (when others turn right, do not be afraid to go left)
To be honest (except in financial matters)
To know when to stand and fight
Never to back down if I perceive that I am right
To know when I am wrong
To be transient of mind
Not to say too much (people only know what you tell them)
Not to be intimidated by a posh accent (lots of people pretend)
Never look down upon another
Treat people with respect (I am not more important than another)
Stand up to bullies
To question (the man who seeks knowledge is already wise)
Most importantly he taught me to Think…

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