Thursday, 2 April 2015

An extract from The Great Book Of Kizzmazz Volume II... 
Barukh Salaam expresses his true feelings for the princess Kandake...
He expresses in words that have never fitted before...
All his rhythms started to rhyme...

I did not seek your love
I wished to give you mine
Yet you love unconditionally
A pure love
A love never felt before
An unselfish love
Your love is all about me
A love I have never allowed myself to feel
I fall into it
I accept
Overwhelmed by its depth
I am proud to be loved by you

Kandake replies:
I did not expect your love 
Mine already given 
Unconditionally yours 
Pure love 
Nothing prepared me for all of you
My love is just for what you are 
I did not expected you to allow it 
Feel it
Fall into it 
You are with me
If you accept me 
I can accept myself
I accept the whole of you
Proud to be loved by you

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