Sunday, 29 March 2015

An extract from The Great Book Of Kizzmazz Volume III 
“The Book Of Kandake”…
An exchange of expression between Princess Kandake and Barukh Salaam - Kandake speaks; Barukh listens in silent…

You can explore all of me
Yet keep me safe at the same time
You make me feel desired 
With you
For you
Wherever you take me
One step at the time
I thank you for that
You have the genius of timing
We are both in it
You paced me
I realised 
I want our words 
Our rules
If we take it slow
Keep it in simple steps
We can get just the things we want
Go where we wish in our minds
No one else's agendas
That is what I want
I want our world
Then we will walk through it together
Things like this
The simple quiet way you do it
You lead me to it
Without scolding me for getting it wrong
I rely on you all the time
For your mind
I've learned more from you in such a short space in time
Than in the whole of my life
How to be content
Safe and true to myself
Those are the things that matter
All of my knowledge is just stuff  
You know how to be                                               You share that with me
What you know cannot be taught
I learn because you let me walk with you
The way you make things 
Solve problems
You trust in all your ability
Allow it to happen
You are the most creative person I've ever met
I've met a few
You have perfect balance
You think it 
Thus you do it
Your ability to do it 
Flow Theory 
You are it
I am very lucky because I get to be around that flow
It helps me get mine
Your mind shines bright than I know
You are the most amazing person I've ever known
This is why I love you 
Thank you for choosing me
Together we shall make the memories

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