Friday, 1 August 2014

Forever In The Sand:
It was long ago
Still I dream
No longer a boy, yet not a man
Buried beneath the desert heat
I lay still in the sand
I breathe the hot air through a short reed
Breath shallow
Lonely, scared, silent
Never moving
I feel the heavy boots
I hear the brutal rhetoric
I fear for my life
I lay still
Makarov pistol under my chin
I can choose
Blow my brains out or kill
Die in battle
Die as a man
I am no killer of men
I lay still
I lay silent
I smell the burning rubber
I hear the screams of woman
The shouting of men
Shrieks echoing around my head
My cousin little Ishma
4 years old
The smell of burning tires
I knew
I rose from my shallow grave
Sand flying
The sweat from my brow burning my eyes
Keffiyeh flapping in the night wind
Vision Obscured
Dark is the night
I kneel
I aim
I shoot twice
A moment of silence
I fear no more
My brothers rise from the desert
Shouting, screaming, gunfire
Confusion & fear
We finished the job
Our youth lost
Our souls scarred forever in time
Now my brothers have tragically passed
Still I remain to dream
(Written by an Unknown Boy - 1981)

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