Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Cycling along Redchurch, looking dappa as a red snappa, I stopped to look into a trendy store window; there were 3 stylish young dudes also perusing the merchandise.

One approaches me and in a French accent says, “I was checking out your pants  earlier, who designs them”. I proudly handed him my card.

He tried to pronounce my name, “Sharpie?”  I said, “No; Sharpeye”, pointing to my eye. He says, “Ah cool, I’ll check out your website and email you my blog details”.

I shook hands with the young gentleman, said, “Good to meet you” etc and we all went about our business.

Then I stopped and cycled after them, “Whoa, hold up a minute”. I lined them up against the wall, in order of height and took a quick snap shot. I then proceeded to show them the image, in unison “Wow, please send us all a copy.

I pointed my index finger towards myself, smiled and smugly exclaimed, “Sharpeye”. They smiled back as it sunk in.

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