Tuesday, 21 January 2014

At 6.12pm on 4 August 2011 a man was captured on film in Ferry Lane, Tottenham, turning to face a commotion behind him. Seconds later a police officer fired shots and Mark Duggan died within ten heartbeats. The Independent Police Complaints Commission sent out an initial statement claiming police shot a man after he opened fire and shot an officer. But the bullet that had lodged in that officer’s radio was police issued. And a handgun wrapped partially in a black sock was found on grass a little over seven metres from where Mark was shot.

  • Dragged out of his minicab and handcuffed by firearms officers. When he looked towards where Mark was lying on the pavement an officer told him, “Do not move your head. Do not move. Do not look there. If you move, I will shoot you.” He was then taken out of the line of sight to the rear wheel of his cab.

  • Was struck with a bullet in his police radio. When Mark’s family arrived they were told to follow an air ambulance to hospital. When they got there they were told that the air ambulance carried W42 and that Mark was still lying in Ferry Lane.

  • Witness says he saw Mark run toward W42. When Mark saw the officer blocking him, witness says Mark turned to run back towards V53 raising his hands to his head as if he was surrendering. He is certain that Mark was holding a Blackberry phone in his hand, not a gun. Mark had been using his Blackberry before he was killed.

  • Shot Mark twice. He says he fired after seeing a gun in Mark’s hand, yet of the 13 officers at the scene, only himself and W70 gave evidence stating they saw a gun.

  • Officers say they found a handgun 7.34 metres away from where Mark was shot lying on grass beyond a wall. A witness living nearby contests statements given by officers of when the gun was found and by which officer. His video footage shows one officer, V59, telling others to go and secure the gun 34 seconds before another, Z51, says he found it—posing the question how did V59 know where it was?

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