Thursday, 2 January 2014

A young fashion student approached Mr Powell & myself this afternoon as we were shooting the breeze on Berwick Street. He explain he was doing a project on style & wondered if it was okay to take our photograph... 

With my inimitable cockiness I pointed out that he had just hit the jackpot & Mark explained who we were in reference to the young mans project... 

He went away to do his homework & just emailed me: 

Dear Mr Sharpe,

I photographed you and Mr Mark Powell earlier today. This e-mail is to say thank you for letting myself take your photograph (on - a suitable name for your iconic styles), as well as to ask if you would consider meeting with me in the near future to discuss menswear and possibly work experience?

Jonty K. Mellmann

P.S. I was wondering where you source the denim for Sharpeye? I have been on the hunt for some rigid denim for a long time now, but nothing I have found is really heavy enough. 

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