Sunday, 3 November 2013

Upon Reflection:

Instantly accessible freely available information.
Coming to terms with fading supremacy.
The noblest acts and the most horrific atrocities.
The problem is systemic.
Insufficient human rights; lack of respect.
Make the pie bigger, everyone needs a bigger piece.
How has the dream become so distorted?
Profit transcends race!
Wipe out dept, start from a clean slate.
Socialism for the rich, Capitalism for the poor.
Serve yourself and simultaneously serve others.
I am not a person of despair I am a person of hope.
Someone has to take the blame.
The fundamental belief is that wealth is to be shared.
The most is taken by those who contribute the least.
They tell you what they want and you accept.
What humans create can be changed by humans.
From an empty world to a full world.
Tax on consumption, not income.
State terrorism.
The end of the benefits from economic growth.
Now we have to do it all again.
Rethink the definition of progress.
More growth creates more poverty.
Operating within a rigged tax system.
A perverse course of human destiny.
Capitalism is not to blame.
We have a terrible form of capitalism.
Evermore diminishing yields are unevenly distributed.
One cannot change the system, one can change oneself.
Human beings can be bought and sold.
Dependant on constant growth to service debt.
Only some of us know.
Human beings come to their senses slowly and individually.
An unsustainable asset growth.
The system of money is an abused man made law.
Only gold is outside of the control of the politicians.
A formless enemy.
Massive suffering that has no limits.
Neo classical economics.
Redraw the boundaries.
Far from being free we are lead to destruction.
It is the entrepreneurs that float economies.
Commonality of interest is lost.
Move the debate to the physiological realm.
Marginalise as Socialist.
Destroy the system from within!

The next implosion will be on a scale unimaginable.

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