Friday, 25 October 2013

I Am Free To Be Me!

“Abuse of Process”. The police not disclosing crucial evidence that may enhance the case for the defence.

Before my case was seen by the judge, the court clerk suggested to the police prosecutor that she may not wish to contest the “Abuse of Process” application”, it was unlikely that the prosecution could win due to blatant CPS & police negligence, this was after numerous warnings from the court (I have appeared in court 5 times regarding this matter, each time the case had to be adjourned due to the police not disclosing requested evidence)

The prosecution lawyer said she had already suggested to the CPS that they drop my case; the CPS insisted that she carry on regardless.

The Police had held back crucial evidence from an independent witness, which was in my favour; this evidence brought light to the fact that the police may have been abusing their power.

The prosecutions main police witness was also the disclosure officer; thus in a position to pervert the course of justice, which I perceive that he may have done by withholding crucial evidence for my defence.

Although all seemed to be in my favour, I was not putting any faith in the British justice system to prevail. However, my defence team was marvellous the court clerk astute to the law, the judge fair & crown prosecutor a bumbling fool of no apparent substance.

The judge’s final comments, which I have in writing, will be damming to the police in my private prosecution case for assault & abuse of power.
Please all take note; “I feel there may be some retribution, from the officers involved, to either my son or myself. I may need witnesses to say that I publicly predicted this”.

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