Tuesday, 16 July 2013

"Stand Your Ground"

As I understand it; in 2012 Marissa Alexander of Jacksonville Florida, like George Zimmerman, was “in fear of her life”. Unlike George Zimmerman, Marissa Alexander did not stalk, corner and then shoot anyone to death. 

Marissa Alexander fired warning shots into the ceiling of her home to escape “a brutal beating’’ from her "abusive" husband; against whom she had already taken out a protective order.

Although Marissa Alexander did not shoot or kill anyone it was considered that she had not fired in self-defense, as she was not actually “in fear of her life”.

George Zimmerman walks free from killing a young man armed with a bag do skittles by "Standing His Ground". Marissa Alexander was convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for not shooting her "abusive husband; "Standing Ones Ground" did not apply in this case.

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