Sunday, 12 May 2013

Manassah’s 1st real life club experience...

Whilst I was cooking of Friday night my son showed me a dance he learnt from youtube & asked me to show him the moves properly which I happily did; he was very exited that I could do it with such ease & then elaborate the style incorporating some different footwork that he had never seen before; he was very impressed. He filmed it & went to his room; he shuffled around all night; he has never shown interest in dance.

On Saturday night he went to Club Fabric his first adults nightclub, but not with his whole crew; only 2 of them went. He returned home on Sunday at midday having danced for 12 hours; his friend said he has a big crowd around him cheering him on.

He couldn’t wait to show me his new skills; the arm movements are his own improvisation.

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