Wednesday, 29 May 2013

It is hard to win a game that has no rules!

If I run with the wolves I expect eventually to be bitten. I attended court today with a bag of books, expecting the worst. 

My defense lawyer was bang on point, really knew his shit; he explained that the prosecution had not disclosed their evidence until two working days before the trial, thus he did not have time to build my defense; whilst the prosecution had eight months to concoct their evidence. 

It also transpired that one of the police officers claiming to have been assaulted was also the disclosing officer, thus had a vested interest in not disclosing evidence until the eleventh hour; this is unlawful.

Fortunately the magistrate was logical and could see common sense; he pointed out that this situation was indeed ridiculous and needed to be rectified before any trial could take place. The case was adjourned until August, by which time all evidence must be disclosed.

I thanked the judge for his fairness. Hopefully I will get a sensible judge next time; otherwise I may not be so lucky.

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