Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Levi Kid

This was the time of hot summers and the heat wave of 1976 was the best summer of my life. There was one embarrassing incident around this time. It was Tuesday, a big night at the Ilford Palais, it would attract the most stylish dancers from all over London. I was there, Levi 501 jeans and jacket, cowboy boots etc, I thought I was so cool considering most of the other kids were still in their Oxford Bags (baggy 1920s Gatsby style pants). I was leaning against the wall trying to impress three very attractive young ladies, I thought I was doing fine, cool, funny, stylish; when one of them said “Who are you, the fucking Levi kid”. They burst out laughing in unison and walked away sniggering, leaving me most embarrassed.

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