Saturday, 13 April 2013

Bedroom Tax Protest

I decided not to go to the Bedroom Tax Protest, I did not know anything about the organisers, UK Uncut, & had no idea of their intended protestee. I had no intention in being involved with a mob that may possibly be terrorising the innocent.

I cycled to Kings X, the meeting point, to find out more, but no info was shared, I would not follow blindly & certainly had no intension of travelling on the tube with an unknown entity; beside the tube is an instant trap from which there is only one exit.

On my travels I hooked up with E Mix we decided to find out where the protestors were heading. Tamara Adair supplied the necessary info. We cycled to Hampstead to Lord Freud's house.

The fact I had to Google Lord Freud meant that the story was not particularly newsworthy & the whole protest possibly a waste of time. Apparently Lord Freud had "spearheaded" policies including cuts in housing benefits for those with spare bedrooms.

The protest was peaceful but was attended by no more that 100 people... Disappointing!

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