Saturday, 9 March 2013

Dyslexia does not mean; “you are stupid, thick, bone idle, lazy or a fucking moron”; it just means that you are different!

It is not a disease, an affliction or a disability.

It is a gift - One who is dyslexic is often super creative, smart & able to see situations from a different perspective, a lateral thinker.
The upside for me; I have a semi photographic memory, a Sharpe-eye for detail; I am perceptive, creative & as Sharpe as a weasel.

The downside; I cannot write with a pen & have extreme difficulty in putting my letters in the correct order; which has lead to OCD.

I have read this post 10 times before posting & will read again 3 times after posting; then, when I see the mistakes will delete, repost  & go through the same laborious procedure again, & possibly again.

Personally I feel sorry for those who are not gifted with dyslexia.

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