Saturday, 30 March 2013

Circa 1995 - I attended the "Magic Show", a fashion exhibition in Los Vegas. On the first evening there was a wild and glamorous, extravagant gathering, attended by the elite and whose who of the fashion world; the champagne flowed freely and the cocaine was in abundance. By 3am the party was all but over me and I was invited to a lap-dancing club by three very prolific designers. I politely refused explaining, ”It wasn’t my kind of thing’; I had no problem with the idea of it and had no judgments, but due to aspects of my younger years I was uncomfortable in this situation.

The trio was insistent and I was whisked away into the night by a huge gold limo. The club was name “Hot Chiquita’s” and we were received like four kings. We were seated in a celebrity booth and were attended on by sexy topless woman, visually very pleasing. It did not take long for my three companions to be lead away into designated back rooms with their new girlfriends; I was most uncomfortable to say the least.

A dark skinned Hispanic woman approached & asked to join me. I just stared at her; she was absolutely stunning. Tall and slender, flowing long black raven hair, mesmerizing eyes, lips of an angel; attired in a white lace 1970s style flared body hugging cat-suit; she was naked underneath. Her ample breasts were firm, her nipples large and dark, her waist narrow, hips full, thighs that could break a mans neck and her sacredness groomed. 

I played cool and gestured with my eyes for her to sit opposite. She requested champagne, as I was not picking up the bill I nodded. She asked me if I had any preferences, my reply was, “What do you have to give me”? I played cool, but was way out of my comfort zone. She went on to explain in vivid detail all the weird and wonderful things that she had to offer, I was impressed but did not give her any energy, I remained silent and stared into her eyes.

She asked what was my desire; I then proceeded to tell her my fantasy. ‘’I would like to take you for a quite meal in a small dark restaurant, talk to you, get to know you, look into your eyes, hold your hand; then, if we hit it off, take you back to my hotel and slowly seduce you; but you must want to do this as I would not be paying you for your pleasures’’.

She stood and stared deeply and meaningfully into my eyes and said, “No”! 

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