Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Solatio Boxtop 107 cad

The Solatio brand was supplied out of Shoreditch by a jewish wholesaler named Sonny Sobers.

The name Solatio means Sunny in Italian.

In early seventies Italian imported shoes were a new thing and everybody wanted Italian names on shoes.

It is quite probable the he copied the Nobles shoe for the Solatio range and got it made in Sargents in Northants UK.

Speculation by David Mole - Solatio Footwear Designer


  1. Anonymous8/16/2013

    Hello mate do you know of anywhere I can get a pair of these silatio boxtops 7 to 9 old new anything ?
    Kind regards pete

    1. Anonymous12/29/2014

      I believe Solatio will reissue these sometime in early 2015 - possibly in March. Keep an eye out for them around then.