Thursday, 13 December 2012

Xmas - 1995 - NYC

Never once did what I was told
But my views are changing now I’m getting old
I’m starting to realize it’s a sin to believe your own lies
Sometimes the pressure gets too much
It ain’t easy trying to keep in touch
It’s too hard to comprehend
Where to start when you know it is the end
Been running since the age of 21
Messing with my mind just for fun
Sometimes I need a helping hand
To guide me when I don’t understand
Ain’t got no time for losers
Been hanging with drink and drug abusers
Don’t give a damn what you think
What you are preaching you know that it stinks
I ain’t ever found religion
My heads messed up with strange kind of visions
I need a little help from a friend
Just to get my mind to transcend
I don’t dig smoking and drinking
Spend all my time sitting and thinking
I’m heading for spiritual disaster
I know that I will never find the answer

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