Thursday, 1 November 2012

31 10 12 Arrested

I heard a commotion & the sound fireworks being set off, outside my front door.  I went into the street & saw my son & his friends watching a boy of colour, just up the street, pointing an ignited firework & firing projectiles at passing traffic. As we watched a car screeched to a halt & 2 men jumped out & rushed towards the youth. One shouted drop the firework & put your hands behind your back; they did not at anytime state they were officers of the law, although it was obvious.

PC1 stood to the left of the youth & held him the boy dropped the firework & raised his hands in submission. It was clear to everyone that the boy should be arrested & his arrest justified. Whilst the boy’s hands were raised, PC2 withdrew his asp (police baton) & struck the boy to the right side of his body; this was unnecessary, the boy was not struggling & his hands were raised, as in submission. PC2 then struck the boy again, to the right hand side of the body.

PC1 handcuffed the boy’s hands behind his & he was now incapacitated. PC2 grabbed the boy by his throat & head-butted him the face & said, “You black cunt”.

What we witnessed was blatant assault. We approached the situation & I said, “What are you dong, stop hitting him, he is not resisting arrested”. PC2 said, “I will do what I want, he fired fireworks at us. Back off or you will be arrested”. I said “No, you should be arrested”.

PC1 march the boy off; PC2, instead of accompany his college & the boy, stayed behind to argue with me & the 4 or 5 kids around, who were now shouting him. He had no reason to stay behind, but decided to start arguing like a teenager, telling everyone to back off, seemly out of control & extremely emotional; no one at this had approached him within 5 feet.

PC2 became aggressive, as he was no longer in a position of power; he drew his asp & approached me, asp raised, shouting, “Back off”, & placed his extended hand on my chest; I said, “No”. I told my son & his friends to step back. PC2 stepped forward as if to strike me. I said, “Come on then”. At this point PC1 returned alone & shouted, “Go, all of you just go”, he was not aggressive & we did as he asked.

We all entered my garden & stood on the front steps. At this time a few police cars pulled up & approx 8 officers were now on the scene. It came to light that the boy in handcuffs had escaped, still handcuffed.  I could see PC2 getting agitated at the loss of his cuffs. He walked away then stopped, turn looked at me & ran into my garden, up my steps & shouted I am nicking you. My son blocked his path so that I could step into the house & shut the door; had of done this my son would have been arrested. I stepped forward & allowed the officer grab my garments in the throat area; I did not resist yet he was physically aggressive, he seemed to be in a state of rage.

At street level I was told to lay on the floor, which I did voluntarily. Once on the floor PC1 & 2 were on me trying to hold me down with their knees, I was not resisting. They both then drew their asps; upon seeing this I grabbed, & held tight, the asps not allowing the men to raise their hands to strike me. They kept trying to raise the weapons but could not release them from my grasp. PC1 said, “Let go”. I said, “Yes, when you get off me”’ which he did & asked me to tell the kids to, “Back off”, which I did.

PC2 continued trying to strike me with no avail then gave up. I allowed my hands to be handcuffed behind my back, PC2 then once again placed his knees on me for no reason, one knee was in my throat, he proceeded to attempt to hit me. This whole time I was shouting at the kids to back off & not get involved; they were frustrated at what they had seen & wanted to retaliate.

2 other officers marched up against a wall. PC2 approached me & punched
me twice in the chin, neither of the other 2 officers noticed this.

I was taken to the station & charged with threatening behaviour with the intent to use unlawful violence. The decision to prosecute is pending.


  1. jeez..... not good
    quite right to publicise this everywhere you can.

  2. Mark Pavey11/08/2012

    So wrong. Sincerely hope you are not prosecuted. How about prosecuting them as you have witnesses, get statements from your witnesses now so that the memory is not lost over time. Good luck.