Tuesday, 10 July 2012

R>I>P> Ray (Buffalo Styling)

Late summer 1985 - a Friday night - Ray Petri came down to the Cat In The Hat Club where I was l playing. I was aware that he was watching me for a short while. He didn't stay long but when he left he approached me & asked if I would be around in the week, I said I would be working on Tuesday. On Tuesday he came to see me at the Duffer store on Portobello Rd. He asked if I would do a shoot; he wanted to document the stuff I was doing on Friday. I said we could give it ago, but I doubted if it would be possible to capture the essence of my secret moment of euphoria on camera. We did the shoot, I think my friend Mac took the photo's; nothing ever came of it until 5am this morning when I woke up thinking about the pictures, which I still had.

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