Monday 6 September 2021

The Line (Memoirs Of A Naughty Boy #2) by Barrie Sharpe: Limited Print Run


Now that I have assessed the pre-sales of my book (both hardback & paperback) I can start promoting. I have printed 300 limited edition copies of the hardback and 300 (first run) of the paperback. I have 100 hardbacks & 180 paperbacks left. There will be no more hardbacks printed - the paperback will be repeated until it is no longer required.

After the monumental success of my first book I did not ever perceive that I had another book in me - however, without even being conscious of the fact I started to write more stories.

“Barrie K. Sharpe - Hustler Of Inspiration. As someone who has worked as a creative professional in the advertising and design industry for over 25 years, Barrie is one of the most consummate creatives I have ever met. He lives his life to his own design and creates beautiful pieces to suit every aspect of it. From the clothes he wears, to the bikes he rides, to the music he plays, to the home that he has created; a living museum to his life, style and attitude, that leaves me with nothing but deep admiration.” (Jon Daniel)

This book is written in the tears, pain, joy and laughter of my youth. As my words come to fruition, the darkness of my earliest memories fade. My story has often been dark but I have also been blessed with much light. I remained in silence for many years - it was not until I spoke that people knew of my thoughts. I was a product of the times and the product became the producer.

My book tells a story that very few are aware of. A story of the darkness that nurtured me and the pain of abandonment - yet I still climbed to the top of the mountain. "Forget that shit you can’t hold me back!"

Child abuse, design, violence, mental illness, dancing, birth, laughter, pain, fashion, drugs, rape, music, sex, guns, love, death, racism, travel, style, hate, history, injustice, disappointment, night clubs and prostitution... 

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