Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Harold Wood Hall Children's Home


  1. In the 60's when I lived in the above 'Harold Wood Hall' it was named 'Woodstock'. I would desperately like to hear from anyone who was also there.

  2. Anonymous7/25/2017

    I was in a children's home in Romford but I am not sure it was this one. However the arrangement of windows on the front left of the picture are what I remember; but the view from my bedroon window was of a long string of orange street lights. I used to watch those lights dreaming that my Dad who was a lorry driver would come and get me! I don't recall those front gates - but maybe there was a back entrance we had to use. As with Michael - any further information or details would be gratefully received

  3. Anonymous10/24/2017

    Hello there, I am searching for information for my mother who was here around 1949 - 1950, she was orphaned and is desperately seeking some information to put her past together, before she too passes on. Anyone who can help would be welcome to contact me - Thank you in advance.

  4. Anonymous2/27/2018

    You could join the Romford History Site on Facebook. Other people have been posting and asking about this home.

    1. Anonymous6/02/2020

      I was at House 2 Harold Wood Hall Romford from 1946 to 1954 I have a Photo taken in 1948 of us boys no girls I was 5 at that time I can still remember some names of the other Boys

  5. I am the people posting and asking...

  6. Anonymous11/13/2019

    I used to visit Harol Wood Hall. I had friends there that went to Hilldene school. I lived in Straight Road. My friends were called Christine and Belinda

  7. I and my siblings spent some time there around 1963 when my parents were in hospital. I remember there being apple orchards, cows in the fields and another childrens home not far away. both girls and boys resided there with doematories at each end of the building seperating boys anf girls

  8. I and my siblings spent some rime there around 1963 when my prarents we in hospital. I recall the home with its boys and girls dormetories and bathrooms, with our tins of tooth past,tooth brushes and flannels hanging. surrounded by apple orchards and cow fields and with the long drive behinds the gates.I think there was another children's home next to the grounds also. We shared clothes and had our meals all together in the dinning room and was given pocket money weekly. I remember being happy there.